“Chaos” Multimedia Show February 15th!

Our story “Chaos”, done for the 2020 Fun-A-Day event, is now complete, including poetry between the tiers of panels which we only just completed. Click here to view the whole story.


We had a tremendous amount of fun creating this and have also put together a performance for the Fun-A-Day art show in West Philadelphia on Saturday the 15th. Bianca will be reading Comicverse poetry, and Steve has put together a Comicverse Band (consisting of himself, Jim Hill, and Jon Bass) to back her up with music. Steve will also perform Ying’s “Comicverse Rap” as written by Bianca. The Comicverse Band’s set will be topped off with a rendition of “Chaos” with panels of the comic projected behind them.

Hopefully we will be able to video the performance, so check back here at the blog for links after the 15th!

[Event page on Facebook]

[Fun-A-Day Website]

Here’s the full “Chaos” poem by Bianca, parts of which appear between the tiers of the comic, and which we will perform in full at the art show on Saturday:

My eyes can see images, words and random
Bits and pieces of some distant world,
But where is the rest of me?
Just swirls and bits of things float by,
Oh! Here’s my eyes!
I feel three! Other me?
I’m all wrong!
My body twisted inside out and
Way too long!
What is this insane sensation
Pulling me along towards who knows where?
Now two!
What’s happening I’m so confused!
And what are you little strings of glowing light?
So tiny yet so powerful,
Drawing me into your strange and chaotic world,
Speaking in strange poetic phrases,
I barely understand,
And this time taking me apart scale by scale
Then reconstructing me like a living puzzle,
You say you’re good but yet I’m not so sure
Talón, Taloka bother me no more!
You give me advice that I never asked for.
Destructive forces calling to me in ominous tones,
Crushing my spirit and mushing my bones.
I feel a call to power, maybe enough to set me free
Should I join you in chaos and destruction or
Remain shining innocent and pure?
All I want to do is go home to Rei,
To the Comicverse and my magic coin.
And so I must shake my scales awake and see how
Dark and looming your presence hangs over me.
My spirit shrinks and shivers underneath,
The words of power and destruction you bequeath.
So I must run away so fast and find, a window,
An exit place to leave you behind.
I miss how it feels to wake up and savor a dream,
But this dream never ends.
You say you’re all my friends!
Talón, Taloka, Talón, Taloka!
So confusing and surreal!
I don’t know who to trust or what to feel!
My molecules are stirring with rage,
Loosing sight of joy I just feel caged!
Talon Taloka I appeal to you to either set me free, or let me be!
I see it! A light in the darkness and it feels so warm and bright.
I’m pulled like a magnet one way but the other grips me tight.
What have I done to deserve this? How do I make it right?
The darkness that’s seeped into me has got to go, I know!
Talon Takola! Talon Taloka! Bother me no more!
I fly towards home, my heart races full of love,
Full of laughter and sarcastic jokes,
Full of surprises and bonds that cannot be broke.
Full of comic books, games, my favortite tree and more good friends that most!
To that place called home! A place that’s all my own!

About thecomicverse

Steve Peters received a Xeric Grant in 1996, which he used to self-publish Awakening Comics. In 2006, he won the Gene Day Memorial Prize for a magical realist comic called Chemistry. He met Bianca Alu-Marr at an open mic in 2003 (Steve was playing music and doing the sound, Bianca was reading her poetry). The Comicverse is one of many projects they have collaborated on, and their most popular. Bianca is the writer and and Steve is the artist. Sometimes Bianca writes and plots the stories; many stories are co-plotted by Bianca and Steve.
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