Kickstarter – Comicverse: TREK vs. WARS

We’ve launched a new Kickstarter for the All-Star second issue of Comicverse: Subspace Chatter (the podcast in comic book form) — all Star “Wars” and “Trek”, that is! As of this posting there’s just 2 weeks left to go (ends May 31st), so check it out soon!

With guest art by Max Ink, Lee Thacker, Flor de Canela, Dre Grigoropol (Dretime), Corey Bechelli, Anthony Casperite, Brian Payne, Bryan Douglas, and Mike Sgier!Guests.jpg
In 2017, we launched Comicverse: Subspace Chatter, a spinoff of The Comicverse in which Rei and his pal Ying the Dragon, owners of a comic book shop in space, do a podcast (in comic book form) about sci-fi, comics, and pop culture.
In this new, second issue of Subspace Chatter, we somehow ended up with an entire issue made up of stories and reviews about either Star Trek or Star Wars. So for our opening piece, we decided to post that age-old question: Star Trek or Star Wars? Bianca wrote responses for many of the Comicverse characters, but we added to the piece by posing the question to followers of the Comicverse Facebook page. Carrying on the tradition started in the first issue, we turned these readers into Comicverse aliens for this piece.
We also turned to our readers for the next story/”podcast”—the Han Solo movie was about to come out and had yet to be given a title. So we asked our readers to come up with a name for the movie using only quotes from the original Star Wars trilogy, with predictably hilarious results!
“Barclay Day” starts out with Rei and Ying doing a podcast entirely devoted to Star Trek’s cult favorite character, Lieutenant Barclay. Ying soon finds himself in a Groundhog Day-type situation, reliving the day of the podcast over and over. He finally decides to create a hologram on Lt. Barclay in order to ask him for advice on how to get out of his predicament. This is one of the most story-driven entries we have done so far in Subspace Chatter, which up ’til now has mostly been reviews and podcasts in comic book form.
Page28For our last two pieces, we turned to our artist friends mentioned at the top of this page for guest illustrations, and Steve did a number of illustrations in his finely crosshatched style, many of which are available here as rewards. The first one is a review of the classic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Mirror Universe episode, “Crossover”. As with the Space: 1999 review in Subspace Chatter #1, Ying finds himself experiencing the same events as in the episode—when he sees the normally grouchy Rei with a goatee and in a great mood, he begins to realize he’s been transported to the Mirror Universe! Steve’s longtime pal Anthony Casperite drew 3 panels in his wonderful Bill Sienkewicz/Jim Mahfood-type style, plus we got great contributions from Lee Thacker, Max Ink, and Flor de Canela.
Finally, Rei and Ying do a review of “The Last Jedi”. Much like the fans, they have very mixed feelings about the movie. Dre Grigoropol and Corey Bechelli both kindly delivered several illustrations of various TLJ scenes, plus we got single panels from Lee Thacker, Mike Sgier, Bryan Douglas, and Brian Payne.
If you are a Star Trek and/or Star Wars fan, we think you will enjoy these podcast/reviews and our illustrations of key scenes. Thanks for your support!

About thecomicverse

Steve Peters received a Xeric Grant in 1996, which he used to self-publish Awakening Comics. In 2006, he won the Gene Day Memorial Prize for a magical realist comic called Chemistry. He met Bianca Alu-Marr at an open mic in 2003 (Steve was playing music and doing the sound, Bianca was reading her poetry). The Comicverse is one of many projects they have collaborated on, and their most popular. Bianca is the writer and and Steve is the artist. Sometimes Bianca writes and plots the stories; many stories are co-plotted by Bianca and Steve.
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