Kickstarter for Comicverse: Live Like You’re Dying


THE COMICVERSE #5: LIVE LIKE YOU’RE DYING: At the end of the last issue of The Comicverse, our heroes were returning home after a harrowing ordeal. Issue 5 picks up right where that story left off, with the Comicverse gang arriving and looking for some much needed rest and relaxation.

However, they soon discover that their adventure is far from over. Due to a shocking sci-fi twist, the C-versers discover that it is very likely that they only have 24 hours to live! they set off to live out what could be their final hours to the fullest.

At 72 pages, The Comicverse #5 is the longest issue to date. This new issue is an examination of the fragility of life. We live out our existences never knowing what our appointed hour is, and death can often come unexpectedly. Though this is a poignant tale, it is no somber meditation on mortality. The C-verse characters handle their situation with grace and humor, and they discover new facets of themselves and each other along the way. Ultimately, The Comicverse #5: Live Like You’re Dying is a celebration of life.

The Kickstarter Fundraiser for this project ends April 30th, 2017!



About thecomicverse

Steve Peters received a Xeric Grant in 1996, which he used to self-publish Awakening Comics. In 2006, he won the Gene Day Memorial Prize for a magical realist comic called Chemistry. He met Bianca Alu-Marr at an open mic in 2003 (Steve was playing music and doing the sound, Bianca was reading her poetry). The Comicverse is one of many projects they have collaborated on, and their most popular. Bianca is the writer and and Steve is the artist. Sometimes Bianca writes and plots the stories; many stories are co-plotted by Bianca and Steve.
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