Origin of The Comicverse, Part 1

Someone (see that someone’s name and Etsy page below :P) recently asked me for more background on the motivation behind The Comicverse and the background of the storyline. So here goes!

Steve and I wanted to do a weekly strip and we were going to put it up on a local comic book shop’s site. So the idea of having it set in a comic book shop began there. We sat down and brainstormed, and came up with the premise of the strip.  Also, Steve had recently learned how to draw a dragon from another project he was working on and knew my love of dragons. So Ying was born! I wanted a Chinese/Japanese dragon, because those are my favorites, and I helped Steve perfect the look, as I am an aficionado! Everyone else fell into place after that! We figure that Rei is from Earth, and has a supplier of Earth comics that he gets his latest from. Aki, (the spunky space pilot) and Ying’s (the lazy lady lovin’ dragon) backgrounds will be explored and revealed in other issues as well as how Rei ended up the owner and proprietor of The Comicverse. The Comicverse sits at the mouth of several wormholes and resides in a spacemall, so it gets lots of interesting traffic!

All of our longer stories (that will appear in issue #1) come from themes based on some anthologies we submitted to, and most of our stories got into them. Our story “Fire” was in Oh Comics from Backporch Comics (see links to all references below) for example. We also have a trippy story about Rei, Ying and Aki all dreaming of each other at the same time. And our longest story to date for Slam Bang!’s theme of Robots, “A Matter of Pride”, in which the gang messes up a Robotics convention at the space mall when Ying gets insulted by a racist Western dragon robot!

So there ya have it, Folks! Some background on The Comicverse! Off to drink more coffeeeeee!


https://www.createspace.com/3607656 (The Cover of the Slam Bang robots issue we are in)

Thanks to Ray Marino from S.A.N Emporium for the idea for this post! And check out his Etsy site too!


[Origin of the Comicverse, Part 2]


About thecomicverse

Steve Peters received a Xeric Grant in 1996, which he used to self-publish Awakening Comics. In 2006, he won the Gene Day Memorial Prize for a magical realist comic called Chemistry. He met Bianca Alu-Marr at an open mic in 2003 (Steve was playing music and doing the sound, Bianca was reading her poetry). The Comicverse is one of many projects they have collaborated on, and their most popular. Bianca is the writer and and Steve is the artist. Sometimes Bianca writes and plots the stories; many stories are co-plotted by Bianca and Steve.
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